When it comes to finding educational opportunities, Laila Ujayli's philosophy is quite simple: apply for everything — period. Laila first applied that philosophy when she applied — and was offered — a Morrill Scholarship at The Ohio State University. The Morrill Scholarship Program MSPhoused in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, offers scholarships and educational enrichment opportunities to academically talented students who are actively engaged in diversity-based leadership, service, and social justice.

laila ujayli ohio state

MSP made Laila's undergraduate education affordable and took some pressure off financing the graduate degree that she knew she would one day pursue. Although Laila believes that cost shouldn't be a factor in young people choosing their education, she acknowledges that unfortunately, it is. After graduating from Ohio State summa cum laude in with a double major in international relations and English and minors in screenwriting and general business, Laila saw another opportunity to take a chance on: the Herbert Scoville Jr.

Peace Fellowship. The fellowship provides recent college and graduate school alumni with the opportunity to gain a Washington, D.

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Fellows serve as full-time junior staff members at the participating organization of their choice. They are breaking down the distinction between foreign and domestic policy by engaging grassroots activists around the country and engaging with policy makers on Capitol Hill. That's where representation really matters, Laila continues.

The Scoville Fellowship also took Laila one step closer to her future goal of wanting to help develop foreign policy that is more centered around the victims of conflict and violence, whether that is by addressing the root causes of forced migration and not exacerbating local drivers of conflicts. These are, Laila states, some issues that Win Without War is tackling. The first Rhodes class to include women entered Oxford in Even though she knew it would be a wonderful educational opportunity, Laila almost didn't apply because she thought it was too much of a long shot.

But after listening to her fellowship advisor and looking back on all the past opportunities she had found and taken advantage of, she knew she had to at least apply to become a Rhodes Scholar. Her efforts paid off, and she was awarded a scholarship. She is excited about what lies ahead, especially as a person of color. The amount of good that some Rhodes Scholars have done is incredible. In early January, Laila finished applying to the University of Oxford. Right now, her plan — and Laila admits it might change — is to do two one-year masters programs that pursue the intersection of narrative and foreign policy.

See image caption. Hide image caption.Among those students was Ohio State University senior and Dublin native Daniel Lesman, the third Buckeye in three years to receive the prestigious honor. Johnson in a statement. Lesman is pursuing a major in biomedical science with research distinction, and he has maintained a perfect academic record while studying subjects like chemistry, biology, and genetics.

As a Rhodes Scholar, Lesman plans to pursue Master of Science degrees in evidence-based social intervention and policy evaluation and physiology, anatomy and genetics, according to the statement from OSU.

This multidisciplinary course of study will enable Lesman to examine the ways in which policy choices, including educational policies, can impact students of various backgrounds, while also continuing his research on rare genetic disorders. The winners were chosen from a pool of more than 2, applicants — of which were endorsed by different colleges and universities to study at Oxford University in England.

Avi-Yonah is planning to study history at Oxford, comparing the libel laws of the U. She is a reporter at the Harvard Crimson, the campus newspaper, and has been the subject of several lawsuits for various stories — prompting her interest in the limits of press freedom.

Sixteen committees from the Rhodes Trust invited the strongest applicants to interview virtually. The committees then made their selection of two students from each district.

The group of scholarship recipients includes a student from Southern Connecticut State University and a student from the University of California, Santa Cruz; the first time either university has been represented. I would have never expected something like this. Scholarship-winners expressed incredulity at hearing they would be Rhodes Scholars, a distinction that has launched the careers of famous politicians, academics, scientists and journalists.

Reyes, a history major at Yale University, is the son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic. He is a student counselor who has been living on campus this school year and taking his classes online.

He is planning on a two-year degree program in comparative social policy and a career in government or the nonprofit sector. Skip to content. Send News Tips. Get NBC4 Apps. The Ohio Highway Patrol got the call around 8 p. Friday night. Read the Full Article. Good Morning and happy Saturday! It's a chilly start to the weekend ahead of the next chance for showers.

Ohio family grateful for pardon from President Trump Video. Cold start to the weekend ahead of showers. More Forecast. Storm Team 4 on Alexa.The Ohio State University. In just the past three years, Ohio State has graduated two Rhodes scholars, given the opportunity to study at the University of Oxford and join past scholars whose pursuits led them to become legislators, policymakers, activists, writers and intellectuals.

Laila Ujayli, who graduated in with majors in English and international relations and minors in business and screenwriting, is taking a firm foundation of intellectual curiosity and mission-driven study to Oxford.

The Ohio State University Alumni Association

Here, she recalls her journey to and through Ohio State and reveals how she forged a degree from seemingly disparate disciplines. While my second minor seems unexpected, I view my work with narrative and foreign policy as closely intertwined. Arriving to that conclusion, however, began with a similarly unexpected question.

In one of my major courses, a peace studies professor asked my class to identify the most important film of all time. My wonderful experience in that class encouraged me to declare a screenwriting minor, and I soon discovered how much narrative enhanced my understanding of international affairs.

In a screenplay, no space exists for a long prologue that explains the history of a particular conflict, challenging me to simplify complex issues in ways that nonexpert audiences could understand. A screenplay can be a tool like a policy brief or a research report, just built for a wider audience. In the spare hour Americans have in the evening, very few will read a policy paper. Instead, most will reach for a remote or pick up a book.

Consequently, the stories we tell in entertainment can become vital vehicles for information. Unfortunately, the media has largely demonized the Middle East, with damaging consequences. When we dehumanize groups of people abroad, it makes it easier for our national leaders to rely on drone strikes to accomplish military objectives without thinking about the devastating consequences for civilians.

And as the current political climate demonstrates, that same dehumanization can directly impact Arab, Muslim and refugee communities here at home. Thus, it is essential that we change the stories being told about Arabs, about refugees and about Muslims. By exploring the intersection of narrative and foreign policy, I hope to add to a body of work that begins to humanize the regions directly impacted by U. This year, as a Herbert Scoville Jr. I am finding ways to communicate to grassroots audiences and legislators on Capitol Hill that an overly militarized foreign policy is not the best foreign policy.

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In order to create long-term solutions to the challenges we are facing, we must diversify our approach and invest in nonmilitary alternatives. At Oxford, I hope to continue exploring this intersection of narrative and foreign policy. While I cannot wait to plug into an academic community as diverse and esteemed as the University of Oxford, I am also incredibly grateful to Ohio State for allowing me the flexibility to pursue this interdisciplinary approach and to all my professors whose infectious passion for their fields inspired me to discover ways my interests intersected with theirs.

It takes a village to get an opportunity like the Rhodes, and thankfully, at Ohio State, I was lucky enough to find that village. First, rate this story. Spring Jodi Miller. I am often asked: Why screenwriting? What are your thoughts?

You Also Might Like. Photos: Through the eyes of alumni What is a Buckeye? Who is affected? What are we doing to fight back? What are the myths?

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Waste not, want not? What can doctors bring to light? Can a clinic steady the turbulence? Can we empower children? Why should where you live determine how long you live? How are we starting at home?The Ohio State University. The Rhodes Scholarship was founded inand supports graduate study at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

Buckeyes Breakdown: First look at Ohio State versus Alabama in the National Championship

Thirty-two scholarships are awarded annually to outstanding seniors and recent graduates across the United States. The Rhodes Trust selected Ujayli for her commitment to advocating for policies benefitting immigrants and refugees, her drive to encourage diplomatic rather than military interventions, and her ingenuity in using film and literature to increase mutual understanding between the Western and Arab worlds.

Ujayli completed an honors research thesis on social change in modernist Turkish literature. Having witnessed the devastation of the Syrian civil war and the waning optimism and subsequent human rights violations in the wake of the Arab Spring, Ujayli became determined to pursue a course of education leading to a career in international policy.

While Ujayli aspires to inspire meaningful change in the realm of international politics, she also aims to combat negative and simplistic depictions of Arabs and Muslims in the media. During her time at Ohio State, Ujayli realized she could accomplish this while pursuing her love of stories through the study of narrative forms. The stories we tell about crises can determine our political will to engage, the types of solutions we pursue, and whether we center the voices of victims.

She has also drafted a feature-length epic screenplay on Abd al-Rahman I, the founder of the Umayyad dynasty in the eighth century. Additionally, Ujayli serves as a sensitivity reader, providing feedback on unpublished manuscripts for Western authors seeking to improve their representations of minority characters. Ujayli is currently working in Washington, D.

Peace Fellow, one of only four fellows named for her cohort. She will study the conflicts that drive displacement and narratives of displacement. More information on the Rhodes Scholarship can be found through the Rhodes Trust, rhodesscholar.

laila ujayli ohio state

Lane Ave. Contact: Admissions.

laila ujayli ohio state

Request an alternate format of this page Web Services Status About this site. Nov Compliance Details. Centers Academic Arts and cultural Medical. Laila Ujayli Named Rhodes Scholar.Those of us who are bibliophiles have likely encountered a book about a protagonist who, like us, loves, loves, loves to read.

We often write what we know and who we know, as well as who we are—we readers can understand and relate to Elizabeth Bennet, Hermione Granger, Matilda, Anne Shirley, Jo March.

MSP Scholar Laila Ujayli receives Rhodes Scholarship

Our story begins like this: A child goes to visit family in a faraway land. Her grandfather is a writer, and one day the girl finds herself exploring his grand library. Lost amongst the heady smell of paper and leather bindings lining the walls, she comes across a book that snags her eye. She takes it off the shelf and begins to read.

She catches the bug, just like that. Thus, the plot is set in motion for our bibliophile protagonist. But this is no work of fiction. Our protagonist, Laila Ujayli, class ofhas recently begun a new chapter of her story, which in past chapters has found her in the Middle East, in Ohio. Pending approval from an Oxford College the applications are due in this monthshe will spend the next two years studying at Oxford where she hopes to specifically pursue world literatures and refugee and forced migration studies.

At Ohio State, Ujayli double majored in English and international studies which, given her personal history, isn't a terrible shock. Some time after her visit to Syria, she and her family moved to Saudi Arabia. Young Ujayli took notice, gaining an interest in politics and history.

She also payed attention to the aftermath. Ujayli moved back to the United States in time for her senior year of high school. And then, for senior year, one of our final projects was to write a paper on an influential work of literature. We had a list of titles to choose from. I will do it! This involved heavy annotation, scribbling in the margins of her printed copy, taking apart every sentence and dissecting the words Eliot uses in order to distill his meaning.

Slowly and methodically, she pieced together the context and the language and began to understand the poem as a lamentation about postwar society where everything has begun to fracture, about how people have forgotten the old texts, about the struggle to make meaning out of fragments and hoist oneself out of the wasteland.

It was self empowering, because you're trying to find that knowledge on your own. Even if it makes no sense, you can find meaning out of it, you just need to put some extra work into it. It was at this point that Ujayli realized, in addition to international studies, she wanted to be an English major.

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OSU student, Dublin native one of 32 2021 Rhodes Scholars

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